Animal Husbandry and Veterinary

Last Updated on: February 10, 2023
  • Overview

    Animal husbandry is potentially one of the most important sectors of rapid socio- economic development of the state. Fast growth in this sector is essential not only to achieve higher productivity levels in livestock production but also for increase in rural house hold income. The main objectives of the department at present are to create gainful employment opportunities for unemployed youth and the under privilege of the state. The per capita availability and consumption rates of animal protein for human population of this region also needs to be boost up through successful implementation of different schemes. The govt. of Assam has earmarked five thrust areas in the livestock sector. Out of these five thrust areas, the animal husbandry and veterinary department has taken up the following 3(three) areas while rest two has been undertaken by the dairy development department and Assam livestock and poultry development corporation (alpco). Thrust area -i envisages artificial insemination to increase cross-bred cattle population as well as to increase milk production while thrust area -ii for layer poultry farming to increase egg production and thrust area -iii for self-employment opportunities.


    To render veterinary services through which the department aimed to reduce the mortality rate among livestock and birds. To increase the production of meat, milk and eggs or in short boost up the protein production for human health.extension services to provide self-employment opportunities among unemployed youths through different types of farming. Livestock sector, now a day, may be included in "industry network".


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    O/o of the district veterinary officer, main road karimganj pin-788710


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