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  • MLAAD Scheme            

    About MLAAD scheme:

    • Launched in December, 1994-95
    • It provides a mechanism for the Members of Legislative Assembly to recommend works of developmental nature for some essential projects/works based on the felt needs of the local people.
    • This fund is non lapsable and not tied to any development sector.
    • Under this scheme for “Strengthening and Augmentation of Infrastructure facilities in the Assembly fund is non lapsable and not tied to any development sector.


    Constituency", each MLA can suggest works for creating durable assets to be done in their constituencies against one individual project costing Rs.0.25 lakh to Rs.10.00 lakh. The limit can be exceeded in special cases of bigger projects but not more than Rs.10.00 lakh per year can be utilized in such a project. Bigger projects can, however, spill over to next year and cost of the project should not exceed Rs.20.00 lakh. MLAAD Funds shall ordinarily be given on fresh proposals received from the grass-root level.

    The works recommended under this scheme should conform to -

    i) Developmental nature,

    ii) Non-recurring expenditure,

    iii) Creation of assets for future,

    iv) Related to direct benefit to the public,

    v) Community programme,

    vi) Electrification programme,

    vii) Encase of bank linkage schemes approved by concerned department and lead bank for agricultural machinery like shallow tube wells, power tillers etc.,

    viii) Assets creation by infrastructure development for BPL/SC & ST/OBC/MOBC Community/SHG by way of providing fishery, rubber plantation, sericulture and handloom,

    ix) Self employment programme of BPL/SC & ST/OBC/MOBC SHGs,

    x) Schemes for drinking water supply, education, electricity facility, health & family welfare, irrigation facility, roads, pathways, culverts & bridges, sports and other public facilities including sanitation & public health.